Friday, July 28, 2006

attack of the flesh-eating ants

This scene looks peaceful enough, doesn't it? Think again. I must of inadvertently spread my blanket out on an ant hill. I believe a whole colony (is this what they are?) started having a picnic on my body about 3 minutes into this sketch. But, what's a girl to do? I kept on going...all in the name of art! Ha. Notice the dots...these are all ants.


Andy J. said...

Flesh-eating ants? It must have been traumatic! But, overall you seem to have persevered and produced a fine sketch! Ahh, what we do for our passions...Good job! Happy sketching!

suzanne said...

Thanks Andy! I'm still having nightmares, but am considering turning my misadventures into a feature film. I'll keep you posted :)