Saturday, July 29, 2006

dear anonymous

There seems to be a little confusion about leaving a comment on the blog. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be a registered user in order to comment. You can simply sign in as "other" which allows you to type in your name and leave a comment, or you can sign in as "anonymous." The only problem with signing in as "anonymous" is that you are just that, anonymous. I like to respond to those who leave comments and this makes it a little tricky!

Thanks again for checking out my work. This really motivates me to pick up my felt tips and get to sketching!


MaryBeth said...


Let it be said that you friggin' rock!! The picture of the ants is so cool. I wish I had your talent. I wish I even had your wicked card playing skills!


suzanne said...

Thanks Marybeth! Maybe if you practice really hard you can learn to be a card shark too!

megan said...

suzanne, suzanne, are truly amazing. everytime i look at your work, i stare in awe. i can't believe your talent. you always amaze me. if you every start to doubt yourself, come talk to me. i will quickly change your mind. i feel so cool having you as a friend:)