Tuesday, August 08, 2006

drawing people not attention

Here's the thing...I love to draw people. LOVE IT. But, what I don't like is drawing attention to myself. HATE IT. For this reason, I try to find the most inconspicuous places to draw. The unfortunate thing is that people to draw do not gravitate within view of these spaces. Take this morning for instance. I found a perfect little nook in Panera (whoo, big surprise.) At first there were several people around me, none looking in my direction...perfect! But as soon as I sat down they all started to leave. Why is this? Do I look this scary? What trick do I need to learn? Is it my big red sketchbook that is so threatening?

Luckily, there was one group of men having a business meeting. They were relatively still and good to draw. Since there was no one else around to focus on once I finished my line drawing, I decided to add color pencil. I feel this was a bad move. The line drawing by itself was much more successful.


Michael Emerald said...

This drawing is really good, Suzanne. The characters have personality, style, really nice. You are one of the few artists who has a wide range of style. You may recall I complimented the keys, adding, by policy, a suggestion that the shading may be a bit heavy. Well, it's amazing because after visiting your site I see that you are capable of making your shading and line treatment be anything at all. Wow!
You asked about my Walden Shore photo, the technique. I've wondered the same question, of how it was taken. When you're "in the zone" you sort of just shoot, as in art you just draw, and you're not really sure what you are doing. It certainly wasn't "photo-shopped". Best guess, from memory, is that the conditions were so bleak, foggy and snowy, and the camera was wrapped in watertight plastic, that it produced an old-time effect. See? If I say 2 words about photography I say 2 paragraphs. Should you ever wish to take up digital, feel free to ask any questions about equipment, etc. Michael Emerald

Linda T said...

Suzanne, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on sketching people. Nice sketches.

Jana Bouc said...

These are great drawings, and not having seen the colored one sans color, it looks terrific to me. I really like the quality of your lines.