Tuesday, August 15, 2006

EDM Challenge: Somewhere New

I can't say that this place is entirely new to me. But, I haven't had the courage to draw here before. While Greensboro's downtown is really wonderful, complete with all kinds of little shops, bars, restaurants and interesting buildings, I feel awkward drawing on the street. It's not so much the drawing in front of people here, but rather the panhandlers that take me out of my comfort zone. I think I must be an easy target. I have a soft heart and it hurts me to turn down or ignore another human being. Nonetheless, I found a little table outside of a coffee shop in a relatively quiet area and settled down to sketch. Only one homeless person came by...but it was to see what I was drawing, not to ask for money. I was happy to share. It ended up being a very nice place to sketch as the sun was just beginning to go down and there was a cool breeze.


Julie said...

Really charming! I agree that restaurants and cafes are great places to sketch... anywhere you can get a little anonymity, but still have access to interesting subjects.

Linda T said...

Very nice. I like the feeling of depth with the newspaper box in the foreground and the other side of the street in the back. Really good.

Jana Bouc said...

Really nice drawing and a sweet story too. Your town looks really charming but I never would have guessed you would have homeless people there too. I associate that with the big cities around here (San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley). But maybe Greensboro is a big city and I'm just geography-impaired. Or, more likely and sadly, they're everywhere, small and big towns.