Saturday, August 12, 2006

ginger sauce and popcorn

We had a pretty full day today...which led to some interesting sketching venues. We ate dinner tonight at new favorite Japanese restaurant...soooo good. I now know it takes talent to use chopsticks and a pen at the same time...talent I'm pretty sure I don't have. Later we went to the movie theater to see 'The Ant Bully.' As I pulled my sketchbook out from my bag I wondered if others had ever sketched in the darkness of a theater or if I'm just that weird. Anyway, I made a quick sketch during the previews and spent the next hour and a half observing how the light filtered through the space so I could try to recreate it with my markers at home. Here's the finished product.


Jana Bouc said...

Both of these are terrific but I'm so intrigued by the movie theatre drawing. You really captured the dark and light areas. I love the way you made the tops of the seats look fuzzy and the way you made the perimeter of the drawing splotchy. I'm getting so many inspiring ideas from your drawings. Have you been using markers for a long time? You have such mastery with them and such a terrific design sense. Are you a professional designer?

suzanne said...

Oh Jana, your comments mean so much to me, especially having seen your work! To answer your questions, no, I haven't been using markers too long...just about two years. They were recommended as tools for rendering in my program (I am studying interior architecture,) and at first I was scared to use them. They bleed so much. But after some time and practice they are my favorite medium to use. Like watercolors, they blend really well and are best when used quickly...which is the way I like to get things done. As for the professional designer question...well, I'm working on it. I've started a small freelance design business and am hoping to expand into product design in the next year or so. Thank you again for all your feedback!

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