Wednesday, August 23, 2006

models, drawings and design exploration

I love it when I am able to kill two birds with one stone. This morning I not only attended my studio, but was also able to draw throughout the class. The first drawing is of other students as we were explaining our projects. They really were more alive than they lookin this sketch, however :)

The second image is of the conceptual models I created to examine different features of my studio project design. I am working this semester on the design of homes for new immigrants in Greensboro. This goes along with my thesis which explores how the culture of particular immigrant groups is, and can be better, integrated into the spaces they inhabit in the United States.


dex mission said...

i really enjoyed looking at your sketchbook. your drawings have a nice sincere feel to them. thanks for sharing.

oh btw, whats "EDM challenge"?

suzanne said...

Hi Dex-
Thank you for your comment! To answer your question, I recently joined "Everyday Matters," an online group of artists and art enthusiasts that promotes creativity. One aspect of the group is a specific drawing challenge a week that everyone completes (or tries to) and shares with others for feedback. You should think about joining! Check out for more info.

Jana Bouc said...

This is really interesting seeing what it's like in design school and the kinds of projects and thinking you need to do. I like the drawing of the students raptly watching and listening.