Friday, August 18, 2006

read this book

Just got Danny Gregory's book 'The Creative License' in the mail today. I skimmed the first few pages earlier tonight and can't wait to read more. The story of his life (so far) really touched me. I love how he writes that when he let art back into his life, he "was no longer 'in management' or 'climbing the ladder.'" "Instead," he writes, "I was me."


Anthony said...

I read it two or three months ago and went from being a frequent sketcher to a compulsive sketcher. His premise that sketching is a way to experience and process reality is spot on. My wife has started to read it and she doesn't even draw (yet).

Thanks, by the way, for the nice comments on my blog and for adding me to your links! I've returned the favor, and I'll definitely be back often to see your new work, too :)

heather lorin said...

I just picked up this book myself. So far I'm loving it. BTW, love your drawings :)