Monday, September 11, 2006

academic subjects

One nice thing about being in school is that there are always plenty of people around to sketch. Today I worked on perfecting the art of looking as though I am taking notes when I am really just drawing.


tkachuk said...

you are really good at sketchin..
like it..
keep going.. :)

seastartrue said...

I hope you perfect the note taking (should I say sketching) just don't
miss things you may need on a test.

You really are getting really good at this.


RachelRenae said...

Ahh, the art of surreptitiously-doodling-while-maintaining-the-appearance-of-real-productivity. I have mastered this art by much practice and many a failed math test! (These sketches are lovely- I especially like the african american girl. Very nice color.)

Janet said...

I like your drawing/sketching style. It's not fussy; very confident. Glad you're in the group...