Saturday, September 09, 2006

EDM Challenge: Draw Your Foot

Believe me, no one wants to see my feet. My last pedicure was weeks ago and my bunions are out of control. Yikes! I opted, for everyone's benefit, to draw Pokey's feet instead. Despite the fact he was taking a nap, he changed positions every 30 seconds of so. I especially like it when he crosses his feet. I think this is cute.


heather lorin said...

I love the leg crossing - here's one of my pooch- kimbo

Felicity said...

These are lovely! You look way too young (and lovely!) to have bunions!!

suzanne said...

Heather- Kimbo is adorable! I can't resist crossed legs! Also, I looked through all your photos. You are really an amazing photographer.
Felicity- Sadly its true. I think I was born with bunions!