Saturday, September 16, 2006

EDM Challenge: A Grouping of Similar Objects

I had fun with this one.


heather lorin said...

Have you thought of becoming a professional illustrator Suzanne? I think you could make a go of it.

Anthony said...

I really, really like your clean line drawing technique. And your lettering is out of this world: bouncy, fun, yet matter-of-fact legible and inviting. Not in a million years could I do that.

But the subject matter... I fear I'm the wrong gender to comprehend it :)

suzanne said...

Heather and Anthony- Both of your comments made my day! Thank you so much. Heather- To be honest, I would love to be an illustrator. I even got a whole bunch of books about getting into the field, but I've never put my nose to the grindstone and made it happen. Your encouragement really inspires me.
Anthony- Thank you for the comments about my lettering. I love your description!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeuos, gorgeous, gorgeous. As usual your drawings and lettering is just perfect. Andrea.