Tuesday, September 12, 2006

high point road

I had a few minutes to spare (well, not really, but I took a few minutes for myself) this afternoon and did a little sketchcrawl of my own. I had planned on capturing a few 'poetic' images from my side of town, which isn't the 'beautiful side,' but it didn't really happen. Nevertheless, it was nice just to get in the car and drive around looking for things to draw. I'll definitely be doing this more when I have a larger window of time.

Note a joke...the restaurant is actually called 'PoFolks.'


heather lorin said...

Love this idea - you do such a good job of capturing a moment.

wagonized said...

I love this. And i love that you drew the whole back of the truck to show us the sticker. I am admiring the simplicity of your pen stroke.

Renate said...

You have a very distinct style. A beautiful style!