Monday, September 25, 2006

my favorites: miguel bose - velvetina

Listening to this cd takes me back to one of the best concert experiences of my life. Last summer, when Edgar and I were in the Dominican Republic, his father took us to see Miguel Bose in concert. While Bose is an incredible performer, the highlight of the concert was the venue: Altos de Chavon. The story goes that Altos de Chavon, a elaborate replica of a 16th century Mediterranean village, was built by a wealthy father as a gift for his daughter who traveled to Italy and loved the architecture. Wow,who says "money can't buy me love." In the middle of the village is a replica of the coliseum, the location of the concert. It's difficult not to get pulled in by the majestic surroundings. The night of the concert it poured the rain, but that didn't stop the show; it just gave it more energy. Energy I will never forget.

One other really cool thing about Altos de Chavon is that it is home to a top-notch design school. Earlier in the day, before the concert, Edgar, Domingo and I walked through the studios and spoke with a professor. Students from all over flock there to study. I can only imagine the type of work that such an environment can foster.


Jana Bouc said...

Thanks for the album art and the wonderful record reviews. I'm not familiar with any of these though I'm sure I've heard some of the first two in the past. I'll have to check them out.

wagonized said...

It's really nifty how much we are learning about you through these covers! I like this one a lot.

Process Junkie said...

I like your taste in Music, I love Miguel Bosé, I saw him live back in '78 .