Sunday, September 03, 2006

the wiggle worm

I'm trying to get better at capturing people quickly, especially those who move often. I had an opportunity to work on this during church this morning. This mom sure had patience! Her son was squirming all around.


wagonized said...

People moving can be so frustrating! You kept your cool and did a great job here. I love how you did her hair, and how you kept your lines flowing, simply. I've never drawn in church... maybe i should try. :-)

Cin said...

you did a great job! boy he really was squirming alot, I'm amazed you got anything! this is something I've been practicing too, my memory is so poor I can hardly hold the view in my mind long enough to get on paper, people move about sooo quickly, hoping practice will help!

suzanne said...

France- Church is a great place to draw. You've got a captive audience and no ones going to interrupt the sermon to see what you're drawing :)
Cin- Your drawings show just how great you are at this! I'm the one that needs practice.