Saturday, October 07, 2006

dinner and a bookstore

With the Canes' game no longer in the cards, Edgar and I ended up going to dinner where I drew this picture. I know its silly to admit, but I like this one. I've never really tried to draw Edgar and was so surprised that I was actually able to pick up his likeness in such a simple line drawing. I keep looking at it in my sketchbook, trying to figure out how I was able to do it.
After dinner, we went to Barnes and Noble where I drew some other people, most of which didn't turn out quite so well.


wagonized said...

So here's Edgar! Beautifully simple! you manage to convey in a few lines what i know would take me a thousand more.

steve said...

Inspiring and very well done. It makes me want to take a sketchpad around with me more often. It's silly how self-conscious I tend to get sometimes.

clearmark said...

Good work.
Especially, line.
Thank you for the comment.

suzanne said...

France- Yep, here's Edgar. His name appears enough in my blog, I guess his image should too.
Steve- I completely understand the self-conscious thing. I have a time with this too...especially since my sketchbook is the size of an encyclopedia! But, for me, it comes down to the fact that I care more about capturing a moment in my sketchbook than I do the people who watch me do it.
Kuriyama- Thank you so much for all your thoughtful comments. They mean a lot to me.

Jana Bouc said...

I admire what you were able to do here--such economy of line. I often tell myself to do that but end up with scribbles all over the place. He looks like a very sensitive soul.