Thursday, October 19, 2006

EDM Challenge: A Beverage

I don't particularly like this drawing. However, I have to remind myself that the point of me keeping this blog is not to post only 'great stuff,' but rather to practice drawing 'ok stuff' so one day my all my 'stuff' will be 'great stuff.' In the meantime, however, it is difficult letting go.

Among the things that I do not like about this drawing are the following:
1) it is flat
2) it has very little differentiation between light and dark
3) it is floating in space with no shadow
I can attribute a lot of these issues to the fact that there was light coming from all directions around the object. I want to try this again with a spot light. I believe that will help tremendously.


phillip said...

i actually like the drawing. it has a certain drafted quality to it.

BGOZ said...

I think it turned out pretty good. There is a tansparent quality to the bottle that works really well. And the label stands out.

Plus the fuzzy floating definately captures early morning without caffine.


wagonized said...

I agree with Phillip here -- i like the fact you kept the drafty quality intact. That alone makes it stand out!

Terry Banderas said...

I think this particular drawing is fine because it is very unique and the things that bother you should not bother you. But, I also like to hear your comments and feelings. We artists need to share what bothers us about our work. You do have great talent. Just keep drawing. I love much of your stuff.

suzanne said...

Phillip, Bgoz, France and Terry- Thanks for your comments. Its interesting to note how what we see in our own work often differs from what others see.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

I really know what you mean about letting go - I find that so difficult. I'd like to let go a little sometimes. It's so difficult to do though isn't it?
I was also reading another post where you say that you draw in pen rather than pencil. I am more amazed at how well you draw since hearing that! Does that mean that you have to give up on a drawing if it 'goes wrong'?

suzanne said...

Andrea-If I am just beginning a drawing and its going bad from the start, then yes, sometimes I will give up on that attempt. However, for the most part, when I am working in pen and I make a mistake I just try to go with it. I reference a lot of the old masters' work and they would actually do the same, especially Michelangelo. Oh, and one more thing I try to remember is if I am doing a drawing for myself it is for practice. The finished product doesn't have to be perfect...what is more important is the learning experience.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

You are so right - when you are just focused on an outcome you forget to enjoy the journey.