Wednesday, October 04, 2006

smelling sulfur

Very rarely do I draw from photographs. I think this is primarily because I have no patience with the details. However, when I saw Steve Pyke's photo of Hugo Chavez in Time last week, I had to draw it. There was such determination in the leader's eyes and I wanted to attempt to capture it myself. I've been thinking a lot about Chavez lately; trying to decide for myself how I feel about his ideas and agenda. Is socialism so bad? Is capitalism so good? The jury, at least my jury, is still out.


BGOZ said...

I haven't seen the picture, but your drawing does capture a lot of power. The eyes are especially good.

My jury is still out on a lot of things, but I think that capitalism in a strongly cultural society works. When the culture breaks down the rules of society change quickly and capitalistic values may become separated from social values.

Anyway, there I go again. Didn't mean to ramble, it's a great portrait.


wagonized said...

Goodness, it's him. It is so bizarre you drew Chavez like this, as i did something VERY similar this summer with Fidel Castro's profile. I love the idea of drawing someone to figure out how we feel about them. I drew Saddam Hussein once when i was in high school, trying to reach the human side in him. I think i failed. :-) I love how you highlighted the essentials, making him so recognizable.

Jana Bouc said...

The hooded eyes and shape of the lips is drawn so beautifully. Very powerful image, and so cleanly and elegantly drawn!

Renate said...

Yep, I can only approve what Jana said. Beautiful!

yaku said...

Authentic oil eyes!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is outstanding! The values are stunning and the chiseled profile. Great work.

MIguel Herranz said...

I've been watching your blog for the last three days and I am really... (I don't know what word use, in spanish I should say maravillado, alucinado, encantado...)You're really great! First I thought you were an accomplished professional, but if I haven't misunderstood, you're still studying, I can't imagine what you'll do on the next years!
I envy your naturalness (I sweat all my drawings) and your sense of humour. On the contrary, we have in common Joni Mitchell and beagles.
I'll keep on visiting your blog and writing.
(Hope you understand my english)
Hasta pronto