Monday, October 23, 2006

sweating the small stuff

One thing I really want to get better at is capturing light. Today I decided to focus on drawing something very small, paying special attention to the highlighted and shadowed areas. First, I lightly drew the contour of the objects with marker, then using the marker I crosshatched the the planes in order to distinguish shapes. Finally, I went over the sketch with a ball point pen to further emphasize dark areas. I had a difficult time leaving white space...but I tried. I feel like the red push pin is the most successful, despite the fact that its shape turned out a little wonky. In contrast, the green pushpin is the least successful in my estimation as the top should be considerably lighter.


dex mission said...

your crosshatching in these drawings are very good. you followed the shape of each object very well.

it was a curious thing that you wanted to capture light. john singer sargent does amazing things with light.

one of the greatest things ive ever seen created was a drawing of toilet paper rolls, set on wrinkled, white sating sheets againtst a white wall. as simple as it sounds, there was something about it that forced me to see light in a whole new way.

Jana Bouc said...

You'll laugh, but as the first image loaded on my screen my first thought was that you had somehow made these items by knitting them! Capturing light is so important and yet so challenging! I think they all show dimension and depth so you must have captured the light, along with making the tiny seem monumental!

clearmark said...

It was surprised.
The accomplishment has grown.
I saw of beginning seeing line so.
Variously imaginable work.

Cin said...

very nice! I have the hardest time with this, especially remembering to leave the white highlights, I need to practice too!

Tommy Kane said...

Wow fantastic drawings. Even I'm jealous.