Saturday, November 11, 2006

i wanna give a shout-out to...

A note about my new profile photo... My friend from school, Danielle, captured me with Virgil as part of a portrait series she is working on. I'm not too comfortable in front of the camera...luckily, however, Danielle appears very comfortable behind it...

Here's another one from a long day of work in my cubicle:


De Nous À Toi said...

Good to see pictures of you, Suzanne. Funny how i had imagined what you look like based on that picture i attempted to draw. Great smile.
Good luck with work. I feel bogged down as well. Was sick 2 days last week, and i am emerging with a depleted feel for creativity -- so life's great right now.
Keep drawing the little stuff from life.
Your fan,

addon said...


this is a lovely informal shot of you at work. possibly puzzling over a construction drawing. i like it a lot, also the new portrait. nice to see what folk look like.


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

lovely to see another 'side' of you.
And, agree with France, great smile - YOU not virgil!
Take care of yourself and don't forget those vitamins!!

suzanne said...

Oh France and Andrea- You are always there to push me forward...thank you so much. You are both inspirations for me.
Addon- Thanks so much for visiting lately. I'm having a difficult time linking to your blog. Do you know why?