Saturday, December 23, 2006

happy holidays via a crying baby

Waaaaahhhhhhh! Christmas is almost here and I still haven't finished shopping!!!!! I don't want to go to the mall!

I love this photo so much. The crying baby is Edgar's brother, Oscar, who is now 29. Edgar's father, Domingo, is the talented photographer who braved Oscar's temper to take the shot. What expression he captured!

I hope this post finds you in good spirits. Merry Christmas to you! I'll be back in few days.


clearmark said...

Merry Christmas.
I like this photograph.
A universal life.

Renate said...

Merry Christmas Suzanne!
Great photo :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

It's an absolutley brilliant photograph.
Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

wagonized said...

At first i thought it was some ancient photograph -- partly because of the amazing definition and the color. Love it!
Merry Christmas Suzanne!

Jana Bouc said...

What a great photo! I hope your christmas is/was wonderful!