Saturday, December 16, 2006

this moment

My friends probably get tired of my constant references to Six Feet Under. However, as silly as it sounds, watching the series really changes one's perspective on life...or at least mine. The show, which revolves around a family who own a funeral home, reveals the fragility of life and the importance of living each day to the fullest...enjoying every moment big and small. Often, this is something I struggle with as I am constantly looking forward to things ahead.

However, this week, for the first time in months, I am really enjoying the present. Though I have been covered in work, it doesn't seem like work, and I am happy. I can really say that...I am happy. It feels good and I am thankful.

My apartment is a mess, I haven't bought a single Christmas present and the waist of my jeans is a bit tight...but I am surrounded by people who care about me and getting to do what I love and for this moment that is what matters to me.


heather lorin said...

I could use a little more living in the moment myself. Lovely drawing!

karensandstrom said...

Hi Suzanne - Six Feet Under is a favorite of mine, too, though sometimes it gets me feeling so morose that I have to quit for a while.
You asked about my experience with having print my cards. I thought it worked out great. The cards were a tad smaller than they are if you're using the card stock made for home computers, and I liked that. They delivered pretty quickly and the quality was good. They also let you print a message inside, and write something on the back, which I appreciated. I'm sure I'll do it this way in the future rather than trying to print them myself. They looked better, and the aggravation factor was zero. Good luck.

addon said...

beautiful drawing and i am so pleased you are feeling more "in yourself", happy and content, that is so good to hear!

best wishes


andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Lovely post Suzanne - words and picture. I guess having finished your college projects has lifted a lot of the stress for you. I too could do with quitting all the worrying about what may or may not happen in the future - and actually all this drawing has helped with that. Now I live from one drawing to the next! An inspirational post - thank you.

Karen Blados said...

Lovely drawing and even better post. I have trouble with this, but I'm finding my sketchbook is helping me ... I pay attention to things I never did before.

Rowland said...

Your sketches are lovely. I've recently launched to encourage people to try keeping a journal. I started three years ago, I've put a link to your site: and I'd be grateful if you could put a link back to mine.

rowland said...

re living in the here and now

I love Donald Fagan's take on this:
"worried about the future now,
or maybe this is it........

Inside My Shell said...

Love the drawing - not only because I really like poppies but also because of the meaning it has for you. I'm looking forward to see more of your sketches!

And thanks for the comment in my blog btw - I really appreciate that!

Jana Bouc said...

That is an absolutely gorgeous flower and I really appreciate the reminder about enjoying each moment. I enjoyed 6 feet under when it first came out and had HBO just for being able to watch it. But it kept getting weirder and weirder and I finally stopped watching. What season are you watching? Have you seen all of them?

suzanne said...

Thanks to everyone for their comments on this one. I really meant what I said in this post and it is so nice to get such great responses. I also find it facinating how, as several of you mention, drawing really helps us to live 'this moment' more fully.

Jana- I have the whole Six Feet Under series on DVD. I haven't had cable in about four years, but I love HBO series. At this point, I've watched Six Feet Under twice. Maybe you should give it another go round. The last season is a tear-jerker.