Monday, January 22, 2007

the coolest things since fake tattoos

Yesterday I mentioned to France a tool I like to use quite a bit, the Chartpak Blender Marker. While it has many uses, including, as it's name suggests, blending the ink from other markers, it is also a terrific transfer tool. I like to use it to add text to something that cannot easily be sent through the printer (i.e. matte board, sketchbooks).

These are images of a process book I put together for a design studio a few years back (as you can probably tell from the wear.) Instead of hand writing the section labels and my name I chose to use the blender marker to transfer type. I like the juxtaposition it creates with the handmade book.

So, how does it work?

1. Design/print whatever image you would like to transfer.
2. This is the most important step: make a XEROX copy of it. It has to be XEROX or it won't work...the ink makes a difference. ALSO, if it is something that has to read a particular way, be sure to print a "mirror image."
3. Place the xeroxed image face down on the surface on which you want to transfer the information.
4. Using the Chartpak Blender Marker saturate the back of the area containing the image. You may need to go over the same place several times. I also like to use the pen's lid to press even more on the surface once it is saturated with marker.
5) When the ink from the marker appears to have dried, remove the piece of paper and voila!, you have a transfer!

This trick has helped me on numerous occasions. In fact, for a while I considered it my secret weapon to presentation boards. One thing to note, however, often times, depending on the texture of the material you are transferring to, the image may become somewhat blurred. I happen to like this as I think it adds more character.


heather lorin said...

very cool! Wish I had know about that little trick a while ago.

dex mission said...

i know about this trick too. but i stopped doing it because charpak blenders are hard to come by. but another way of doing it is buying xylene in a can via home depot. this is the same exact liquid found in the chartpak blenders. i apply this on the surface and use printmaking roller and apply pressure :)

suzanne said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip Dex....I bet it's also a lot cheaper to buy a can of xylene than the markers!

wagonized said...

Thanks for the tips, Suzanne! I love the idea and will definitely try it out. Gotta go get me one of those!

Ester said...

this is cool :)
also orange paint stripper works and is much less smelly, as well as prints from laser printers because of the toner.

melissa w said...

How much am I loving you right now? A whole bunch. Awesome tip! Thanks for sharing!!