Monday, January 15, 2007

thank you for dreaming Dr. King

I know, I know; this is a sketch blog...what am I doing posting a photo, especially one I didn't take? I am posting this because today I want to honor Martin Luther King. Each year in the United States we take off this day in celebration of his life, his legacy. I'm sad to admit that many years this day comes and goes in my life with very little acknowledgement, if any. However, this year is different. I was listening to NPR yesterday when a piece came on detailing King's last speech, given the night before his murder. The narrator, Rev. Samuel "Billy" Kyles, spoke about how MLK's delivery that night brought the audience to tears that in an almost inexplicable way. Listening to the speech I also found myself on the brink of tears.

Later last night we searched for video of MLK's "I Have a Dream" speech. Though I have listened to it many times in the past, I believe last night was the first time I really heard it; heard his message, heard his bravery, heard his optimism.

I attempted to draw Martin Luther King today, but fell short of my goal. Perhaps Edgar jinxed me when he said as I started to draw, "make him look good, he's too good of a man to mess up." Nevertheless, he was right, and for this reason I am not posting my drawing.

Please take the time to watch or listen to King's speeches today. You won't regret it.

Finally, in these times I often find it difficult to take pride in being an American. Martin Luther King had hope for what America can offer at its best. It is my prayer that his dream will one day be fulfilled and ALL PEOPLE, regardless of race, gender and sexual orientation, will be able to "cash their check."

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wagonized said...

This post gave me chills. Thanks for writing it. What a gorgeous picture too. Did you see the movie "Elizabethtown" by Cameron Crowe? The protagonist ends up going to the motel where MLK Jr was shot -- a lot of movie critics slammed the movie for rambling at the end, but that was one of my favorite parts.