Monday, February 26, 2007

the oxymoron...that's me

Two thoughts tonight:

1- My focus the last few days has been on designing rather than drawing. Perhaps the two should go hand in hand, but for me the processes are different. When I am drawing I tend to be rather analytical. I concentrate on what I am seeing; I focus on making a connection between my eye and my hand. When I am designing, I draw from my subconscious. I doodle. I find shapes I like and repeat them. I isolate images around me and abstract them. My approach is strangely different.

2- Amazing beauty can be found in such small details; objects often considered trivial, but ultimately quite meaningful. Tonight I became entranced by a stack of paper cups of all things. The patterns and lines they formed swallowed me up. I love that.


wagonized said...

znA perfect illustration of how drawing throws us in the "now". If we are receptive enough, then yes, a stack of paper cup will become enthralling.
I loved what you wrote about the difference between drawing and designing. They both provide an opportunity to "love ourselves" -- either in what we see or what we create (or both!).
And for me, that's what drawing is: heightened consciousness, an enhanced notion of the now, but all in a state of meditation. Pfeeeew.

Jana Bouc said...

It was really interesting to read about the different process between drawing and designing--it's something I've wondered about, not being a designer. That creative noodling and intense seeing/analyzing seem equally enjoyable to me. I love what France said about how both are enthralling and create heightened consciousness. Aren't we lucky to have these passions!