Saturday, March 31, 2007

addie's joint remixed

Addie's birthday was this week. We decided a long time ago to have her party at my house. Addie wanted to do it here because, in her estimation, we throw good parties. I wanted to do it here because 1) I love Addie and 2) I love entertaining. Yes, I sound like an old woman..."I love entertaining." But, the truth is I really do. If I could be anyone, I'd be Martha Stewart, only sweeter.

It was Edgar's job to create the music playlist. He fulfilled his role passionately, putting together, several weeks in advance, 12 hours of music entitled "Addie's Joint." My job didn't really kick in until yesterday when it came to the decorating. Luckily spring has sprung in Greensboro so it was just a matter of walking around my yard and down my street with a pair of clippers. The dogwood is blooming all around so this became a large part of the decorations.

I know the question often surfaces "what would you love doing, even if you weren't paid to do it?" Well, for me there are lots of things (this is probably the reason I don't get paid more than I do :), but my experience yesterday affirmed that working with flowers and decorating for parties are two such things.

These are pictures from the morning after. I really wish I had thought to take some last night when table was covered with truffles, cupcakes and chicken nuggets (yep, that's right, nothing says "Martha Stewart" like chicken nuggets) and the candlelight made everything sparkle, get the idea.


margarida colorida said...

The last photo is beautiful! I like the yellow atmosphere :)

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

Wow Suzanne, looks like you did a stunning job. Beautiful arrangements and photos.

addie said...

Oh suzanne the party was beautiful!!!!!! Thank you so much for opening your home to me and making it fabulous!!!!!! You did an amazing job on that gorgeous table arrangement! CAn we go into a party-planning/ catering business as well? something to think about huh?

Laura said...

I love seeing these! I like to do this sort of thing, too---it's part of who we are as artists, don't you think? Lovely photos, Suzanne.

suzanne said...

Margarida- Thanks for your comment on the photo. This was something new for me...manipulating the colors in photoshop. It was fun and something I want to do more of.

Thanks Andrea! Remember I'm just around the er..corner whenever you have a party :)

Addie- Uh, yes!!!!

Laura- I'm glad you liked them. I really enjoy seeing your sketches of your own beautiful arrangements as well. I find that art overlaps into so many areas of life.

Lindsay said...

We here in Chicago are about several weeks behind you in the bloom department so your post will help me feel prepared for Spring...clippers in hand.
VERY beautiful arrangements. And I love seeing your drawings!!!

Marce said...

reaaally nice flowers beautifully arranged!