Tuesday, May 22, 2007

where's joseph when I need him?

As I mentioned yesterday, I just love when Jana Bouc illustrates her dreams! Jana must have the most vivid imagination as her dreams are always great. I know that I'd wondered before how she could remember her dreams to put them down on paper and my question was answered when Jana explained that she kept a AM/PM sketchbook that she draws in first thing in the morning and at night before she goes to bed.

Well the last few days I've been thinking about my dreams when I wake up and finally, this morning, decided to hop out of bed, grab my sketchbook and hop back into bed before the dream escaped my mind. This dream is completely random...but, hey, that is the fun of it to me.

"Backseat Driving"

In three instances I was a backseat driver: first with Mindy (my best friend growing up), second with Shawn Woody (the first boy I ever kissed...in kindergarten on top of the head) and third with Oscar (Edgar's brother). In each instance I was fussing at them for driving too fast near a crosswalk with children. Oscar was the only one to get angry with me.

Is it a coincidence that all their names include 5 letters? I think not.


Arty Velarde said...

That's so funny!
Now I wanna do it!
(oh no, what does 5 letters mean?)

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Good job remembering your dream...Isn't Jana amazing to remember her dreams that way. I'm lucky if I ever remember mine.

Julie said...

Oooh, now I get to play Lucy (from Peanuts) and do some "5 cents - the doctor is in" psychoanalysis of your dream. : )

Let's see... a car usually represents your life. You're not driving in this one, so it has to do with an area of your life that you feel is controlled by other people. How that relates to the saftey of children I do not know... unless maybe it represents your desire to have a family? Or not. The main thing is how did the dream make you FEEL?

Giggle. See, now you know why I was an art major, not a psych major! ; )

E-J said...

Oooh, intriguing. You got a great little cartoon strip out of that dream!

suzanne said...

Wow Lucy, I mean Julie....great insight! I think you're probably better at this than you think. Although, the family part scares me to death!!!!! Don't think I'm ready for that quite yet.

wagonized said...

Oh wow! This brought a smile to my face, especially the detail about the 5-letter names.
I read something about Jerry Garcia once... who never got his driver's licence. He was saying that it was very symbolic of his lifestyle: he let people drive him... :-)

Jana Bouc said...

Hey Suzanne, these are great! I always marvel at the bizarre and random stuff my mind comes up with without me. I'm delighted to see the technique works for you too and hope you post more of them. Isn't it fun trying to capture the images on paper of what you see in your dreams? I have car dreams too, but I'm always driving and usually I'm losing control...the car is falling off backwards while I'm trying to climb a steep hill or the brakes don't work.