Monday, August 13, 2007

here today, landfill tomorrow

Someday, when I have a lot of energy, not only am I going to draw everything I eat...but also everything I throw's sure to be equally disturbing.


Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Ahh yes, garbage day guilt. I can relate. For a while, I was neurotically obsessed with the fact that week in and week out we have more garbage than our neighbors on either side. Part of this is because my husband gets a lot of mail for his freelance work, but part is because we are just conspicuous consumers in a throw-away world. Gulp. Did you hear that? That was me swallowing my guilt. :-)

lynne said...

My next door neighbor, Norma (who is about, oh, I don't know -- 110 years old or so but still going strong -- GO NORMA!) never puts out more than one teeny tiny grocery store plastic bag worth of garbage each week. And each week, I'm hauling out 2, 3 or more bags of stuff that I probably shouldn't have bought or eaten in the first place... and I keep wondering... how does she do it?

And then I thought -- she grew up in an entirely different generation. Not only does she probably eat way healthier than most of us, but she's also from a generation that values thriftiness and conservation... things that I doubt the current generation will ever value in the same way.

I learn a lot from Norma... although I wish I were better about putting the lessons she teaches through her example into practice!

Jana Bouc said...

I love that idea of drawing everything you throw away. Maybe just for one day, before tossing anything, draw it. I think it would be scary!

Michael, UK said...

No,not landfill! Recycle it, re-use it, please! As an amateur artist I'm knocked out by your web site - the drawings are tremendous. Greetings from England.