Monday, August 06, 2007


Can't draw an iPod without thinking about this video.


wagonized said...

I had never seen the video!! Hahaha!
Yeah, i didn't support the iRack either (you know, being French and all...!).
Love your little sketch of the iPod and the little "i heart Mac" :-)

Lynne said...

That video is priceless! I just forwarded it to practically everyone I know! Great drawing -- love your ability to totally capture everyday items with such seeming ease... ahhh... to be so talented! :-) Keep up the great work!

suzanne said...

Yeah...its funny and scary all at the same time!

miti said...

i *absolutely* love your work!!
I saved you in my mozilla/firefox tabs so i will be a regular!
I am also an architect and an artist..

you are so incredibly talented, and it seems the drawing flows so easily for you. I adore the header, so simple and effective, and your posts.

have you seen this?
they did a pretty good collage ofyour drawing. I read about a bit of a controversy between polyvore and do you feel aout this? i did fin you through them and they do source images...

hope you can visit me sometimes!!!
keep up the amazing work, an inspiration to us all.

suzanne cabrera said...


Thank you so much for your sweet comment. About Polyvore...thanks for the link. I can't exactly say how I feel about this. In one way it's nice, in another way....well....I'm just not sure.

But, hey, it brought you here. So I guess that is a good thing!

miti said...

I am so happy I found you. i totally understand the ambivalence....but I selfishly thank polyvore for letting me see all your work!

I went through all your posts to find see your reply! wish there was a way to know someone replied?
oh well happy work, I loved every second of browsing!