Thursday, August 30, 2007

dragons and process, oh my!

I think it's about time I post a little design "work." I put work in italics simply because it really doesn't seem like work most of the time. I really love what I get to do.

One thing I always enjoy seeing from others is their process (Paula Becker and Gabi Campanario, in particular, are really terrific at this) and SO, that's what I thought I'd do here.

One of my latest assignments was to create an illustration for a dragon boat race sponsored by Remax. There were few restrictions on the piece which made it both liberating and fun. Also, I felt very lucky to be able to work with such cool subject matter. I'm a big fan of Miami Ink and was excited to get to create my own version of a traditional dragon...even if it wasn't in tattoo form.

Here was my first round of ideas:

The client decided they would like to see more of the boat in the image. The challenge for me was then to decide how to show the boat, but not complicate the image by adding people.
Here was my solution:

...which led to the final version you see above.


Terry Banderas said...

Beautiful, colorful artwork. Thanks for showing the iterations.

somethingCREATIVE said...

I LOVE this post!!!!!! process work is sometimes 10 times more interesting than the finished product...I love behind the scenes action!
This piece turned out really cool! i love the color and "tattoo-ish-ness" of it!
And speaking of tattoo's if i ever decide to get one covering half my're going to design it, K? Thanks!

Anita said...

What a priveledge to share in your thought process, such wonderful sketches and a brilliant resolve to the client's needs.
I love to see the artist's mind tick and often prefer monochromic sketch pieces to the final. I love all of the process you posted including the final.
Thankyou for sharing.

wagonized said...

Holy crap! The work behind this picture is wild. Everything is clear right from the first glance, the colors pop, it's cheerful -- great! Have you watched "L.A. Ink" yet??!!

Lynne said...

It is so cool to get a glimpse of how your brilliant mind works! Love it!

Joan Y said...

oh cool! I love seeing your artistic process! This work confirms what I already believe ... such a brilliant artist. Thanks for sharing!

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

Yes, this is splendid. I really like reading about other people's process. Did you draw the finished piece on the computer or is it painted with a brush?

Linda said...

THIS is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing our process -- what a fun job you have!

margarida colorida said...

Beautiful work, well done :)!!!

Johnnie Scoutten said...

Nice job!! Nice to see your design work. Love that dragon.