Wednesday, September 05, 2007

contour gaming

For what seemed like the 999th day in a row, my brain required that I draw something simple yesterday afternoon. While my students were busy drawing elaborate buildingscapes, I played a game of capturing the contours of cars as they rolled by.


wagonized said...

Hot damn, Suzanne!!! What a coincidence!! I love the contours, "the car that gives tickets" hehehe!
I don't know if you felt the same way, but drawing those cars on the highway was like comic relief for me. I was thinking "hmmm, let's see how i can screw this one up" :-)

Joan Y said...

Funny that F should leave a comment before mine because it reminded me of her recent highway doodles. Both of you have a way with the pen and cars, I tell ya! BTW, you have remarkable penmanship. Did you do drafting before this?

lynne said...

I just love how your mind works -- what a wonderful sense of humor!