Saturday, September 29, 2007

FALLing in love with autumn

If there is one thing we can brag about here in North Carolina it's our seasons. Each one is so refreshingly different. This is especially true for Fall, which is by far my favorite. The weather...the smells...the colors...ahhhhh, I just love it.


LuĂ­sa R. said...

Fall is my favorite season too :O)

And this sketch is very good.
As usually.

Lynne said...

The distinct change of seasons is one of the reasons I love the Midwest so much... even though we get extremes that are sometimes harsh... autumn here makes it all worthwhile. We've been having some spectacular weather... sounds like you have too... Here's to appreciating the changes! (Great drawing, too!)

petescully said...

this is very nice. i love autumn, but unfortunately for me it seems to happen to other people now. hardly any really golden leaves here in our part of CA. i'm jealous.