Sunday, September 30, 2007

losing my religion

I recognize that its no great epiphany (which is a hard word to spell I might add), but darn, self-portraits are so difficult to do. And, as I'm learning here, to show.


Africantapestry said...

Great lines in your selfportrait. Yip, a selfportrait...difficult to do and even more difficult to show! I always want to make an appointment for plastic surgery directly after I've done one.

wagonized said...

Well, for starters, kudos for re-doing a self-portrait. What i like about this (and it's something i am not capable of) is how restrained you kept it -- you added just enough to give it depth, but you knew where to stop. CRUCIAL STUFF!!! Also, i like your use of colors.

Anita said...

Totally agree, the hardest of all subjects...This looks great though, simple lines and lots of character.

juj said...

Love the simple lines and combination of red with the pencil. I don't know how it looks as far as a self portrait goes, but as a drawing it's beautiful.

We have a Cafe Europa here too - does yours do an amazing chicken salad with tons of tarragon and a fantastic lemon cake like ours?