Tuesday, September 11, 2007

mystic pizza

Is anyone else as repulsed by this drawing as I am? Actually, at first I was just disgusted by the subject matter...leftover frozen pizza (I'm not sure if it is discernable or not), then by the drawing itself...and later by the subject matter again.I actually drew this a few days ago and hated it...HATED IT. But the more I flipped past it in my sketchbook the more I decided that it posesses a quality that I kinda like. Funny how things work like that.


artything said...

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karen blados said...

Okay, since I've found myself drawing pizza a time or two, I'm going to say this is just a fantastic subject to study and draw. How could you think otherwise? And I think it's a wonderful drawing too. Seriously on that last part.

wagonized said...

I am with Karen here. Tried before, failed miserably -- and when i see your drawing, the hues of red, the angle -- it makes me think *darn*.

suzanne said...

Karen, France- You're certainly right, this was "no pizza cake." I'm sorry....I couldn't resist.

Thanks for visiting Artything!

annie said...

I think it looks yummy...:)