Wednesday, November 14, 2007

the post with the most links wins

*Whoever thought the word toboggan could stir up such a conversation?!? Thanks to all of you who entered the debate...and especially Miguel who confirmed my word usage through Wikipedia! Ha. I love it!*

These two have been hidden in my sketchbook since Halloween. Anna and Hannah are students in my class who happened to dress up for Halloween and therefore, gain the notice of my pen. This was my attempt at doing something a little more cutsy than normal and, you know what, I kinda like cute!


Inger C said...

I like your cute stuff too! Have you done any comics?

traphic signs said...

Oh my gosh- these are SO cute. I wish I knew how to draw like this... faces are a total weakness of mine- something I figured out recently in a project I'm working on. I'm guessing these took you about a minute each. Nicely done- I'm (as usual) so jealous!


Hannah said...

Suzanne...I love these drawings...and you!!