Tuesday, December 04, 2007

"paper packages tied up in string

...these are a few of my favorite things!"
Please excuse my singing, but while just a few days I thought I was an elf in Santa's workshop, today I can't help feeling like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music; I have 28 beautiful little bundles of stationery going in the mail this afternoon!!!! Isn't it time to get yours?


Lynne said...

OMG -- these are so cute! Looks like you have been super busy! I need to order a set of these for my goddaughter... too fun!

somethingCREATIVE said...

You are too cute! Your little paper packages look sooo goood!
Keep on singin' honey!

p.s. can you comment on my blog so i can see if it will send me an email...i changed my settings and cant wait to see if it works...im a goober...

p.p.s. and i have high speed internet now...man it feels good.

Melissa said...

As someone who received her package of treats-to-self last week, I second the motion that these are very pretty little bundles.