Wednesday, January 02, 2008

positive energy

It's a given that we all struggle with confidence issues from time to time...especially "creatives." If you aren't feeling creative, you simply aren't feeling confident. I know...because this is where I've been the last few weeks and countless times before that.

I am, however, determined to get out of this funk and for this reason think the timing couldn't have been better to visit Melissa Grossman's blog and find this.

While I can't say that this is a particularly comfortable challenge to take on, I do think it is a positive one! And, as Melissa suggests...these don't have to be mind-blowing things. Just look at my first entry for heaven's sake!

For even more details on how to participate in the 31 Days of Self-Congratulations Challenge, visit here.

P.S. Can you guess who drew those little chicks on Melissa's home page? I guess this is something else I can add to my list :)


kim@laketrees said...

love the toothbrush Suzanne !!!
the challenge sounds like lots of fun :)
ps Happy New Year !!

caseytoussaint said...

Great idea! I'll join you on this one.

littlemithi said...

Congratulations Suzanne! I have too moved onto electric toothbrushes (the same one you drew!) in 2006, and in 2007 moved on to the even fabber (and highly ticklish) sonicare toothbrush (coz it tells me when my two minutes are up ...)

Happy New Year!

wagonized said...

I'm off to visit the challenge.
In the meantime, happy new year, Suzanne!

Anonymous said...

So the pretty stripey toothbrush from a while ago made way for the Rolls? I agree with confidence is also so connected to creative energy...unfortunaely! I'll have a look at this challenge.
good luck

Samantha said...

love your drawings...

Anonymous said...

I have the same one except yours looks so much more artistic. It's always so reassuring to hear I'm not the only one with self-confidence issues!

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