Wednesday, February 13, 2008

a classic

Yesterday Annie Patterson posted images from a 1952 edition of Charlotte's Web that, in Annie's words, she remembered "staring at as a 10 year old kid and feeling so inspired to draw- and get a pet pig." Boy, can I relate...and this is exactly the reason why blogs like Annie's inspire me.

As I've been under the weather this week (it seems Inger's flu bug jumped across the ocean and hit me) I decided to follow Annie's lead and post images from a book that inspired me as a child to want to draw (and bake cupcakes for that matter). It's funny how these childhood images can become forever tattooed in the back of your mind.
Can you guess what father gave mother as a present?
You can't tell me that seeing this picture doesn't make you want to finger paint.

The book that stirred my creative imagination way back when and continues to inspire me today is "Molly, Pete, and Ginger." Published in 1955, this easy reader was written by Esther Phillips and illustrated by Ottilie Foy. I'm not sure if there is a connection or not, but I like to think of Molly, Pete and Ginger as cousins to Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot.

So, now that I've shown you my childhood inspiration, I'd love to hear (and see) yours...


Annie said...

Hey Suzanne~I'm so glad you were inspired to think about a favorite book, too. I like these classic illustrations. Hope you feel better soon.

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Oh, I love these old books.... hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen the Molly, Pete and Ginger books (but am familiar with the Dick and Jane ones). The drawings are certainly similar and, even though my background is totally different from theirs, the illustrations evoke a certain sense of warmth and safety that makes them very likeable.

Good challenge! I'll have to think about my childhood inspiration(s) and post tomorrow. :)

Liz said...

Hey Suzanne--
Love your inspiration photos. I have such a tranquil and domestic image of the 1950's in my head, and that book epitomizes my thoughts exactly!

So what was Dad's gift to Mom? I'm guessing it was an apron, but it could be a multitude of things, even risque things... perhaps lingerie, or even more sexy, a baking sheet?

suzanne said...

You got it Liz...a baking sheet. How romantic!