Saturday, March 15, 2008

essential tools

[imagine a drawing here]

Not having access to a scanner sucks...its almost as bad as not having a pen! But, I decided not to let this minor setback keep me from posting as, at the moment, I am so inspired. This past week has been a transcontinental "world wind"...uh, literally. I've been to Portland, Seattle, New Jersey (if you count a 14 hour layover in an airport) and Atlanta (amid the tornado)!  

As I write, I am still in Atlanta where I've been attending the National Conference on the Beginning Design Student at Georgia Tech.  The conference is just as cool as it sounds with design educators from across the country making presentations on their teaching pedagogies, student projects and design philosophies.  

My department chair, Tommy, and I presented guessed it....blogging!  Specifically, we addressed using blogs in the classroom as both teaching tools and portfolio devices. We received some valuable feedback and I'm ready to go back home and work on making the system even more effective.

This week has been so refreshing  and I look forward to packing the inspiration it has carried with it in my luggage as I head back to NC  (and my scanner) tomorrow.  


Computerarte said...

I'm waiting to see beautifull draws, like always!
Excelent work you are doing:)

Lynne said...

So glad that you have been filled to the brim with inspiration -- isn't that just the most wonderful feeling? Your students are very lucky to have a teacher who is so motivated and excited about their work!

Anonymous said...

You've had such a productive and fun week! Looking forward to seeing some of your art from this Break.

josé louro said...

Good drawings to you.

Tim Lamb said...

get back to a scanner!
i want more

Joan Y said...

[I am imagining another awesome drawing!]

Wendee said...

Dopey me, my brain registered this as a conference about Georgia Tech design freshmen. I'm thinking, "Well, those Georgia Tech kids are a pretty darned special bunch!" Duh.

As a design educator and total geek, I would love to hear more about this. Way more. I was going to contact you offline, as it was, anyway, but my eyes bugged out to hear that you're at a conference (see? Told you I was a geek). I teach students who are applying to design school, as well as those about at the jr level in another design program, a year away from graduation... Will contact you off-line on that if that's okay.

I know that feeling of being on the road without a scanner, even an old podunky one like mine. There's no place like home. There's no place like home... Looking forward to seeing and hearing more! :)

littlemithi said...

I showed your student blogs to my other half, and he knows how much blogging has done for me, so he's set up a similar system for his product design students ... Blogging rocks!

suzanne said...

This is awesome Mithi! Give Sunshine my best!!!!