Wednesday, July 23, 2008

admittance is the first step

I know I say this too much, (in fact, I feel a little like the boy who cried wolf) but I apologize for being so spotty with my posts this summer. I have something big coming up in a few weeks (i'll let you know more later :) that's been consuming a lot of my free time, not to mention a sad new obsession with this site. Oh, indeed, it's feels a little like crack. But, hey, if you need a new addiction, you've just gotta try this game. Yikes!


mrana said...

I'm constantly trying to declutter my drawers but they always turn out looking strangely similar to the one you've drawn here so beautifully! Perhaps I should leave them as they are :D

Oh no, not another game site (I've bookmarked it of course). I seem to have rediscovered games recently which is not good, even if some are word games (makes for a good excuse) ... but then, we all need to take time off on occasion, right?

no way said...

I love this drawing of "stuff," being a person who also has quite a bit of the same.

Am I seeing things, or is this dated as August in your drawing? No, not yet! I'm not ready for it to be August!

thats just it said...

right there with you suzanne, except worse!

August 21, 2008? Tell me, how do you draw in the future and Post in the present!?

wagonized said...

I too have noticed the date -- hmmm, i guess this might be a sketch of your brain, in a way, right?!
So much anticipation now... i wonder what this is all about!

Anonymous said...

Oh if only my "stuff" were as pretty. ;)

I am not going to let my guys get near that site or I'll never get them off the computer.

Anonymous said...

suzanne, i am so hooked on that game! it's really addictive. it should keep me off my work for a while :)
love your illustrations by the way.