Thursday, July 24, 2008

invader of pokey's personal space

Last week you got a sneak peek of our sweet new dog Reilly. You may actually remember Reilly from a post several months back. We used to petsit Reilly, but when her mom needed to move into a place that didn't accept animals we were more than happy to make her part of our family. I wish Pokey was as excited as we were by his new sister. Unfortunately, however, Reilly is a little OCD which seems to really get on Pokey's nerves. Plus, now there is competition for food. Oh my.
One of Reilly's obsessive tendencies is that she eats the food in her bowl from right to left. Unlike Pokey who just "digs in" Reilly takes her time pulling each morsel from the bowl for inspection prior to consumption. This irritates Pokey to no end.

One last thing: I found this great paper sculpture by Megan Brain via Penguin and Fish. Right now Pokey and Riley can hardly be within 3 feet of one another, let's hope this is a sign of things to come.


lynne said...

OMG -- how perfect is that paper sculpture for you??? LOVE IT!

It's hard when there are food issues. Hard when there are issues, period. When Logan was little, she got really food aggressive after her series of ACL surgeries... don't know if it was caused by pain or what, but from then on, I fed the dogs in separate rooms. Just wasn't worth the hassle. Good luck with Riley! He's a cutie!

littlemithi said...

You have an OCD pet??!!??

Thats just the cutest/silliest post I have ever read ... :)

Anonymous said...

My dog is nearly as bad as Reilly with her food...nearly. ;D Your dogs sound like the canine version of The Odd Couple!

Great paper sculpture!

please sir said...

Very funny - that paper sculpture is so neat!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

How lovely. I remember the first Reily drawings, so gorgeous, so sensitive.

Her OCD actually makes me feel a little emotional. OCD behaviours are usually born out of some kind of anxiety. When it comes to animals displaying those sort of behaviours, well, I just find that really emotional. They are so vulnerable (Did I mention that I am the most over sensitive person in the whole world?).

I'm sure Pokey will learn to love her soon. The link is wonderful, I got lost for quite some time. And the paper sculpture, wow, it could have been commissioned by you.

Lost In Wonder said...

That paper sculpture is very cool, and so is the sketch. Don't worry, they will grow used to each other over time. I love the show on Animal Planet where the woman solves dog problems like this. She has shown people that you give treats when they are together and behaving, so that they associate being together with good things happening to them.

Tho, everyone has a dog opinion, I suppose :D

Anonymous said...

This moment caught in that paper sculpture happened months after we first brought our little terrier addition home. The first meeting between her and our mellow beagle could not be worse. They do work it out. However, I have to say, in the future we are going to get dogs with similar domineers...chilled out, lazy, happy with one walk a day. I don't think I have the energy for another terrier in my life :)

I'm glad I found your blog. I really dig your pen work and the personality in your work!