Tuesday, July 29, 2008


3 mechanical pencils
6 felt-tip pens
3 sketchbooks (this drawing is in one of them)
1 calendar
1 bottle of vitamins
1 chartpak marker
1 pack of gum
1 pack of hairbands
1 glue stick, not to be confused with
1 tube of chapstick
1 jar of lip gloss
1 pair of sunglasses
1 map
1 wallet with too many credit cards
1 key ring with too many discount cards
7 pennies
2 quarters
1 dime
1 mirror compact
1 letter from my grandmother
1 magazine order form
1 jump drive

Sadly this was what was in my purse AFTER I cleaned it out.

On another note, one sketchbook is out of my purse and with Andrea Joseph. See my latest contribution to the Moly Exchange here.


please sir said...

Wow - that's a bunch of stuff! At least you are organized!

Terry Banderas said...

Cute post! Like your line about what was in your purse AFTER you had cleaned it out. So where is Pokey's picture?

thats just it said...

i would love to GUESS what some of these thing are too, but im out of luck, seeing as you posted everything!


is that crayon?

suzanne said...

Terry - Pokey's picture is tucked inside my wallet :)
Tim - It's colored pencil, but the way it shows up on screen it definitely looks like crayon.

E-J said...

Oh, this drawing is a delight! Love the arrangement and viewpoint you chose.

As for the fact that this drawing is inside one of the sketchbooks depicted ... What a mind-bender. :)

wagonized said...

Yesssss! Glue stick (??!!).

Karen Blados said...

hilarious! I see this and really want to look at a bigger bag, but eek, after carrying a diaper bag/purse for five years, I just can't make myself go bigger again right now. Would be lovely to have someplace other than my hands to shove my sketchbook and pens though. Sigh.

and sounds like you've got your hands full with two puppies. Best of luck settling them down.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

This is FAB. I just love looking in other peoples bags. Well, what i mean is i love looking at drawings of the things in other peoples bags!! Like the green background, and the sunglasses ar my most fave. Just fab.

Adelaide said...

Oh i am SO proud of you! you could definately give me a run for my money with the purse inventory now...let me know when it's time for an official purse-off!

Robyn A. said...

I just linked here from Pioneer Woman's blog...

Is that a Gallery Leather 2008 purse calendar? I have one in orange and I love it. :)