Sunday, November 16, 2008

keepin' it real

There are some things in life I simply can't do: swim long-distances, trigonometry, drink Red Bull, clean uncooked chicken with the expectation that I'll later eat it (i've got to get over this!), handle snakes, watch an episode of Rock of Love... Add to this list "wear skinny jeans." It's not that I don't think they are cute. They are. Just not on me.

What's on your "simply can't do list?"

On a slightly (make that completely) different note, a few weeks ago I was interviewed by Melissa Grossman of Hatch for her very cool monthly ezine Friday Infusions. This month's ezine was published this past Friday, so if you'd like to see what we talked about [and learn a little bit more about how much your visits and comments mean to me] check out the interview here.


Anonymous said...

Suzanne, honey, you have to come help us when we cull our chickens...if you think you have trouble eating chicken that you've cleaned while it was uncooked. ;D

As for my "can't do list", I'm not sure the comments box will hold the entire list.

What a GREAT interview! I can't believe you were hesitant about putting your work out on the blog. I personally know very few people who do as beautiful art as you, and I am drawn to (no pun intended) artists for friends, so I know a good amount of artists (and artist-wannabes).

I'm so glad you got over the shyness to bring us your wonderful blog! :) xo

Shirley said...

Thanks for telling us about the interview - it is always so nice to get to know someone from EDM better. The legs in tights and boots are fantastic - a card design for sure!

Anonymous said...

A great interview Suzanne!
And like always, a great sketch...I wish I had a little of these skinny legs...

DeerDominique said...

I Hate skinny pants, they are just unreasonable.
I had a VERY hard time with uncooked chicken until this year, when I decided to get over it (Whole Organic Chickens for $10 at Costco drove me to it) I got really intimate with said chicken whilst washing it and then cleaning the :( carcass, while wearing a grimace of disgust, 10 chickens later, I'm totally over it.
I agree with Teresa, the comments box is not big enough. But I will say, I can't like Avocados, I try to like them at least once every year for the past 30, but they still taste like grassy paste.
Also, I love your blog and the way you share little peeks of life thru your very talented eyes.

wagonized said...

Ah, sweet illustration, Suzanne. I have worn my red boots over my skinny jeans. I can cross that one off. How much longer i'll be able to wear the skinny jeans is another question.

I can't abbreviate when i text. Can't do it. It's the grammar/spelling teacher in me, i guess. I still have to type out words like "tomorrow" or "tonight" or "too" -- out of principle.

Ronni said...

Suzanne, love your drawings. Was that a beagle you drew? We are big beagle fans over at my blog. Takes a very special person to be a beagle mom....and fast legs for chasing.

Barbara Weeks said...

Great interview - and as always great sketches.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Join the club on the skinny body was not made for that fad :)

And there are so many things on my 'shouldn't do' list that should be on a 'can't do' dancing...yep, let's not go there...

no way said...

Wonderful interview Suzanne! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne,

I agree I can't do skinny jeans...hips don't need any more emphasis, although I love wearing boots over jeans...

I'm right there with teresa can't do list is too long for the comments box, but one is I just can't eat anything with no calamari for me :)

Mariko said...

I used to hate skinny jeans with a passion.Then my exes (Jude's dad)new girlfriend mentioned she couldn't wear them,so I bought my first pair.I know that is really bad for me to admit but they do look good on me.
as far as the can't do,I can't carry a purse. I have tried but it is such a pain.I just stick my phone and my card in my back pocket and that's all I need.

caseytoussaint said...

I loved the article, Suzanne. Thanks for the link. I love your skinny jean illustration.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog through a link on I check in frequently and just love your drawings. Plus, you and I have JRs! OK, one thing that comes to mind that I just can't do is jump out of a plane. Just not my bag. Globs of mayonnaise on a sandwich or burger -- ooo -- as soon as I detect it, I have to put it down. That happened this weekend when I forgot to say, "Hold the mayo." Getting queasy just thinking about it now. I used to have an aversion to touching wet hair in the tub with my barehands. I'd use tissue. Somehow, my boyfriend got me past that one. He pulled it out of the drain all brave one day and I was inspired. So, those are a few of mine. I must now go and read your interview. - Jana

KMidd said...

simply CANT do:
peasant-top shirts..they make me look pregnant
skinny with ya on that

there are several clothing things i just cant body is not shaped for everything

i also cannot eat red meat that's still red after being cooked. pink=undercooked in my mind.

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

LOVED the interview, Suzanne.I read it a few days ago, and then went away to ponder the qusetion you posed.

I am TOTALLY with you on the chicken thing. I have just about given up on eating it all together because I cannot touch the raw stuff. YUK. It makes me shudder.

On that subject, I could never eat meat done rare. I absolutely would never and could never eat anything that leaves a pool of blood on the plate. Errrr. I cannot imagine what pleasure you could get from that. YUK again. And, the reason I'm virtually vegetarian.

I would never wear pink (not with this skin), I would never wear a bathing suit of any kind (not with this skin), I would never sunbathe (again...).

I would never say the word 'mall'.

Oh God, there's far too many. I could be back.