Sunday, December 28, 2008

bubbling over

I've got a big little project I need to devote some serious time to over the next few weeks...this may likely mean that I'll be posting here less often. Please forgive my lack of attention in advance.

I still love [and appreciate] you!

Special thanks to The Joy of the Mundane whose photograph I used for the "creative" yellow texture in this sketch/collage, which you can view larger here.


Anonymous said...

Take your long as you promise to tell us all about it and show us pictures when you're done! ;)

Happy New Year, Suzanne!

Rafael said...

just discovered your blog, very nice!

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

ah, if only my head was brimming like that right now... :)

Iwona said...

I was to make wishes of fantasitic 2009, but in this case I also add good luck with your project! Don't you worry! We'll be here waiting patientaly for the details.

Inger C said...

Happy holidays Suzanne! It's great to see that you are at work with new creative projects. Hope you have a SUPER 2009 with many many sketches and projects that makes your head bubbel over :) Thank you for all your fantastic work that you have shared with us 2008 and I love them all!!
Happy new year from Sweden!
Inger Carina