Tuesday, April 14, 2009

another day

...and another happy leaf. Only this was soooo teeny tiny I nearly passed it by. Happy : hope your day has been just that.

It's 4:20 and after giving 2 pep talks to 2 groups of overwhelmed students about the value of pushing through stress and staying creative I feel, well, a little uncreative. How did that work?

*on a side note, one of my students collects heart-shaped stones and other artifacts when visiting special places...like Monticello and Fallingwater...I love that*


Sheila said...

Love how you appreciate the teeny tiny things in life too. hugs!

(ooo, my work verification for the post is "micro"... how cool is that!)

pve design said...

There seems to be much need "pep talks" currently to cheer each of us along. I find that it is the little things that help me along and others that are open and share their enthusiasm. Humor also helps me. Try laughing straight for 10 minutes alone in front of a stranger with a (cell phone) and see if they do not laugh. It is contagious. That gets me to another day.

Anonymous said...

Being creative is the only thing getting me through my days, these days. Full time designer job, husband out of state for two months while I get the house marketed and sold, two busy boys in school and soccer, and trying to get my own design work off the ground - I could be buried.

Doodling and writing useless things gives my work-worn mind relief. And I get some good ideas when I let my pen wander! I'm also hunting the silence - sitting on the porch, listening to birds.

Like the tiny tiny leaf, too!

dominique eichi said...

I love this tiny thought that broadens up our own hearts.
In the small things do we relish life.
On a side note I love the sentence anonymous gave about hunting or chasing the silence , this details I believe is why we see so many pictures of chairs or rocking chairs on a porch looking out. We all need that and your teeny tiny leaf has the same feeling to me. Bravo for posting it.

Kristina Ragan said...

I love that someone else appreciates heart shaped stuff! I have never met anyone who finds hearts places other than myself up until now. Thanks for the blurb about me, you're so thoughtful!