Tuesday, May 05, 2009

a case of the beanies

Over the weekend I received three issues of Michael Nobbs' journal The Beany. It's official. I'm a fan!
a case of the beanies
I'm captivated by the honesty with which Michael writes...and draws. I also appreciate the humorous lens through which he views life. In one issue Michael writes that as a child he played the trombone. He goes on to say "I don't think trombones are a good look for slightly plump ten year olds." This made me laugh out loud. Having also been a slightly plump ten year old who played tried to play the flute, I think it goes both ways. One is better off with an in-between sized instrument. Trust me. See more of Michael's work here.

In addition to reading, I've also been drawing! As a result, I have an arsenal of ideas for upcoming posts, including:

-all that glitters isn't gold-
-buy that fish a drink-
-the friendship fish-
-a logo for moppy-mop-
-taking a bite out of life-
-good riddance-
-self reflection-

Stay tuned...


Janice Cartier said...

Gorgeous site.. came via twitter. ;-)

Owen said...

I was fortunate enough to have one a Beany in Michael's very generous recent give-a-way. Woo hoo. I've been following Michael off an on since, oh, I think something like mid 2004.

aimee said...

cool stuff! will have to go check it out... and your post titles are intriguing - i'm especially curious about the logo for moppy mop...

wagonized said...

Oh lucky Suzanne!
I love Michael Nobbs's drawings.

Cathy said...

What an interesting program!! I'll sure come back to check!

andrea joseph's sketchblog said...

me too. a big fan.

i've got a Beany, or two, that i always keep in my bag - battered and bruised but still very readable. and very inspiring.