Friday, May 29, 2009

weekend warrior, not worrier

Projects I want to complete this weekend that don't involve drawing:

-- paint bedroom
-- finish shadow boxes that I started 3 weeks ago
-- plant flowers
-- touch up trim paint all over house (sometime having pets is not so fun)
-- organize studio closets
-- exfoliate via Salvation Army
-- paint front door?
-- brainstorm ideas for art in kitchen
-- enjoy being

Let's see how far I get on this list...

I'll be happy if I only cover the last item, which I'm starting on right now. What are your weekend plans?

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Sandy aka Doris the Great said...

My plans include:

- begin reading my new bloggy-gift book "Jantsen's Gift" while lying on couch eating Lay's original and drinking fizzy blueberry juice
- sleeping & resting (cause my back is hurting a lot)
- going to indoor yard sale tomorrow morning
- finish planting my containers (if weather will only cooperate)
- clean house (it doesn't take long)
- clean my closet
- love my girlies
- enjoy being