Tuesday, June 30, 2009

creatures of routine

This is how Reilly spends most evenings:
reilly's routine
in bed
out of bed
in bed
out of bed
a brief series of heart-stopping-barks
in bed
out of bed
[repeat 27 times]

Pokey, on the other hand, stays in one place -- which is great, except for the fact that the place is next to his bowl whining for more food. Ahhhh...


Sheila said...

ROFLAO.....You are soooooo funny. You really need to write a book. You're like a newer generation Erma Bombeck.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Pokey...standing in the kitchen whining for more food. ;)

raena said...

This is hilarious! When my dog Chaz was still alive, he used to treat me with that heart-stopping bark in the middle of the night! Then it took forever to get back to sleep because the heart was still pounding! Thanks for the memory!

ronni said...

I love a dog's life! Our basset would include in her list: eat things that you shouldn't.