Thursday, July 16, 2009

better with age?

As I was going through past sketches to put together yesterday's post, I ran across this one from 2006.  At the time both Edgar and I were in school and had practically zero income.  As a result, our apartment was a mismatched collection of college hand-me-downs.  I don't think we had one object that complemented another.

college mismatch
I emailed Edgar this "blast from the past" to which he replied: "Goodness! Burn that sketch!  I can’t remember….were we homeless back then?  If so, please don’t refresh my memory!   What an arrangement!"

The funny thing is that I loved our apartment at the time.  So many good memories from our first years together.  The stuff we were surrounded by was just that, stuff.


Amber Snipes said...

I believe they are generally referred to as "the hungry years" and often remembered as the happiest times by long-married couples. Too bad we don't have this perspective when we are experiencing them...and hunger pains! LOL :)

suzanne cabrera said...

Awww...that makes me tear up a little.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This sketch just proves that "stuff" is not what memories are made of.

Gerald said...

I have to agree, I felt the same way about my college apartments. So many eclectic furniture & so many good memories with good friends. Glad you sketched your old apt, those type of sketches bring back so many memories.

no way said...

Aw. This is so similar to the apt. my husband and I lived in while he was finishing pharm school and I had just started teaching. Nothing matched, everything was a hand-me-down, but we had such a great time there, and so many good memories. We were actually sort of disappointed when we moved into our current condo (the one we are now moving out of) because we enjoyed our crazy apartment so much. I have a feeling leaving this condo is going to be very sad for us. You have really hit a nerve for me (in a good way!) this week, Suzanne!