Thursday, July 16, 2009

last call

A friendly reminder that we're hours away from the Virtual Open House. If you're running out of time to draw, why not go ahead and submit a photo of a favorite moment in your house and a couple of sentences explaining why it's special to you?
virtual open house : edgar

Edgar made this "submission" yesterday. Gotta loooove the fact that I'm a creepy peeper with a pointy booty! Husbands...always around to build your self-esteem :)


Sheila said...

I think Edgar sees your booty as being 'perky'.

Darn... a few hours? I need to drive my daughter to piano practice. Maybe I have time when I get back.

Sarah-Ann Lee said...

Thanks for that, made me laugh (:

aimee said...

oh - i've just caught up and i'm sorry i missed this! your sketches blow me away, suzanne. they are awesome. you could make a shack with no electricity look fabulous. you are SO good.

p.s. love the pointy booty :D