Thursday, July 09, 2009

that's amore!

You didn't know you were going on a tour of Greensboro this week, did ya?
Here we are at Elizabeth's Pizza where Louie and I shared a terrific lunch yesterday.
elizabeth's pizza

A few notes about this drawing:

1) I was in a race [with myself] to complete the sketch from the time we sat down until our cheese pizza arrived. I lost and had to finish up after my 2 slices.

2) My favorite part is the little girl in the lower right hand corner, coloring with her tongue stuck out. This was her favorite part as well as she "inadvertently" snuck over behind me, took a peek and got a big laugh.

3) I would like to add more color to this drawing, but my office at school and studio at home share joint custody of my markers...leaving neither happy.

I've been out and about drawing this week as a way to get back into the swing of perspective drawing as I gear up for a new semester at school. It is helpful to remind myself what works and what doesn't as I'll soon be facing these challenges with students. I learn something new with every sketchbook page.

Next stop on our tour : Dolls of the Orient Massage Parlor...I kid you not.


Gerald said...

Very nice and fast sketch. Just love the expression on the person at the bottom right of the page. I too must work on more perspective drawings. After reading your first paragraph,
I think I will have pizza for dinner tonight :)

Liz Brown said...

Nice sketch. Is UNCG thinking of purchasing the old massage parlor building? I'm guessing that's why you would visit it, but maybe not...

suzanne cabrera said...

Enjoy your pizza Gerald!

Liz---I'm not aware of the university's interest in this building...only mine! Though perhaps they should be...

littlemithi said...

Hellooooooooooooooo Suzanne!

Your blog appeared as a "suggested blog" on my other half's google reader. I was quite surprised to see it there - but its great - goole's promoting you!

Anyways, Mr Sunshine went through your blog and really really liked ... just thought I'd let you know ;)

suzanne cabrera said...

Thanks Mithi! That's great to hear! Do you have any idea how that works?!?! How blogs get suggested?

moonbindery said...

Fun sketch! Now I'm curious to see your sketch of Dolls of the Orient--former brothel turned into a chocolate shop, perhaps? :)

karen sandstrom said...

OK, if you DON'T post pix of the Dolls of the Orient, I will be very, very disappointed. :-)