Friday, September 25, 2009

out of the mouth of my husband

Introducing a new blog installment : Emails from Edgar, in which my significant other constantly solidifies his conviction that I'm part bobble-head.

Ahem...'If you and Chuck Norris were to get married, you'd probably look like this."

image via a goooorgeous wedding at Design Sponge : dolls by goosegrease : thanks for the links Grace Anna!

Who does this?!?!  

See my other look-a-likes courtesy of my dear husband (NOT Chuck Norris) here, as well as a custom portrait here.


Grace Anna said...

I think that image is from

and the cake toppers are from

Hope this helps

Screwed Up Texan said...

That is funny! Ingenious Edgar!

Sheila said...

Well I can tell you not many women have husbands who think about their wives in a comically loving way and constantly look for a way to remind her she is on his mind.

Funny, good looking, talented... he's a keeper and very lucky to have you.

cindy said...

although edgar doesn't seem to need any help and i don't want to get him into trouble, here are some more -

you might find yourself as a SUPER-HERO! up, up and away ;)!

Lrc said...

awesome little painted people...very funny!